" The Grateful Dead are well-known for constantly touring throughout their long career. They promoted a sense of community among their fans, who became known as Deadheads, many of whom followed their tours for months or years on end. In their early career, the band also dedicated their time and talents to their community, the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco, making available free food, lodging, music and health care to all comers; they were the "first among equals in giving unselfishly of themselves to hippie culture, performing 'more free concerts than any band in the history of music'. "


Selasin eilen ja edellispäivänä melko ison määrän Grateful Deadiin liittyvää aineistoa läpi. Ongelma sama kuin netin kanssa aina. Paljon riittää kaikkea, mutta olennaisen erottaminen epäolennaisesta työlästä ja vaikeaa.

" Although he intensely disliked the appellation, Jerry Garcia was the band's de facto musical leader and the source of its identity. Garcia was a charismatic, complex figure, simultaneously writing and playing music of enormous emotional resonance and insight while leading a personal life that often consisted of various forms of self-destructive excess, including well-known drug addictions, obesity, tremendous financial recklessness, and three complex, volatile, often unhappy marriages. "



Jerry Garcian muistolle pyhitettyjä fanisivustoja löytyy aika tavalla + sivustoja joiden kautta myydään bändiin tai Garciaan liittyviä enemmän tai vähemmän tärkeitä tuotteita.

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